The magazine of the forest sector

The Digital Magazine B.Forest was born through the signature of professionals that in addition to technical knowledge, have in essence a passion for forestry. For its launch, we’ve cared about listening to the market first. That’s why we’ve gathered renowned experts in the forestry sector to join our Technical Council.

The “B” that stands for “Be” and “Business” represents the forestry Being. Being in the forest and doing business with it. That’s what we want. Present the forestry industry in an innovative way, bringing information with knowledge and going beyond the trivial.

Every month, our readers will find stories about the technologies that are applied to forestry production. Through the interface will connect with the main discussions of the market and also share what some of the opportunities are that revolve in the business world.

We wish above all to create an instant connection between the market and its professionals. Welcome to B.Forest, a new concept of forestry media.

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