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Issue 46 | July

Publicado em 31 de February de 2018

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Our national team’s defeat at the 2018 World Cup may have been a rough mo-ment for the Brazilian people, but the real competition for the future of our country is only beginning. It is up for our forestry sector to keep close tabs on the econom-ic and political shifts that the federal and local elections will bring about in October. This will be the time for us to prove once again the strength of our union by electing representatives that are truly engaged in fighting for the interests of our industry – and of our economy as a whole.
Meanwhile, improving one’s technical and market knowledge remains a very real necessity for every forestry professional. Therefore, we’ve selected diverse themes for this edition’s special articles: the first discusses proper procedures for fighting forest fires, the greatest threat to cultivated forests this time of year; the second brings an analysis of the current state of forestry careers in big Brazilian forest companies; third, the last article is about distributed energy generation and its ramifications for the forest biomass industry.
And our special guest this month is Marcelo Schmid, partner director of Index Florestal and director of Forest2Market do Brasil in Latin America. Confident in the future of our industry, Schmid discusses global strategies and the perspectives of international groups for our country. Don’t miss it!

Rafael Malinovski
Business director of Malinovski
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