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Edição 78 | September/October

Publicado em 19 de May de 2021

Market, products, technologies,

Market, products, technologies,

Several Brazilian companies have come together to promote Brazilian protagonism in actions related to the climate agenda. COP 26, which will take place in November/2021, should dictate many parameters for companies and governments to meet their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reduction targets. It is urgent not only positioning, but concrete actions to neutralize CO2 and other harmful gases. In this edition, we will discuss the commercialization of carbon credits in the Brazilian voluntary market and perspectives for a post COP 26 scenario.
Complementing the theme, I would like to point out the research in focus of this edition, conducted by Embrapa Florestas, which analyzes the effects of climate change on eucalyptus plantation in the south of the country, as well as the carbon capture potential of crops in this region.
The second special article addresses the advances of the use of geotechnologies has brought to silviculture. Drones, UAVs, satellites, modeling and images that help from inventory and area planning to the sanitary control of forests. Experts discuss the trends of these technologies in the sector.
Finally, I would like to share the exclusive interview with Braslumber and BrasPine’s founding partner, Armando Giacomet, about the wood market in Brazil. How has the market overcome difficulties due to the rising cost of raw materials and what are the challenges to supply wood?
A complete edition with a comprehensive look at the forest, from environmental benefits to market products.

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