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Edition 72 | November

Publicado em 30 de February de 2020

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Even as we near the end of 2020, the year of uncertainty continues to cause instability in the global market. In the United States, disputes over the results of the presidential election threaten the nation’s stability; in Europe, a second wave of Covid-19 infections has been causing huge social and economic damage. In the midst of this ever-changing global scenario, Brazilian forestry companies continue to try to maintain productivity while also prioritizing the health of
all employees.
We, at B.Forest, are doing the same. Therefore, this month’s edition brings special articles focused on the sector’s diversity. The first one concerns the genetic materials used in eucalyptus culture in Brazil and how forestry companies plan the allocation of clones in remote areas or challenges such as water deficit. The second article discusses ways to add value to the wood production chain for small and medium producers. We also have a technical article about a new attachment from one of the largest forest machinery and equipment manufacturers in the world.
And this month’s main interview is a chat between Caio Zanardo (Suzano), Carlos Guerreiro (TTG Brasil) and Wagner Barbosa (ArcelorMittal Bioflorestas) about the current status of forest fire fighting and visions for the future. Don’t miss it!


Ricardo Malinovski
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