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Edition 77 | July/August

Publicado em 24 de April de 2021

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Future. This is the theme of this edition of B. Forest. We combine several issues, but in the end, we realize that they are connected by this word and the expectations that industry trends have pointed to us.
In a special interview on the pulp market, in addition to the history and current reality, we discuss what are the new applications of plant fibers and what else we can expect for the coming years.
Moving on to the special subject on digitization, we talked to the main players in the market to understand about their initiatives to connect forest operations, and what challenges and opportunities we have for this path.
And to complete the cycle, we think of the people who make the forestry sector. Highly skilled men and women who operate and are in the day-to-day operations. How does the university contribute to training and what skills and competences should we develop to be able to act with the new opportunities of the future?
Trends, tools, and people. The combination of these three elements leads us to what will be our sector in the coming years.

Ricardo Malinovski
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