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Edition 75 | March/April

Publicado em 23 de June de 2021

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

In every segment of the industry, the technological advancements of the last decades have enabled great gains in productivity, safety and innovation. This is also the case for the cultivated forest sector, which has grown exponentially thanks to the creation and development of machines and equipment capable of replacing manual or semi-mechanized operations, which exposed workers to much higher levels of risk –– as was the case in timber harvesting operations.
This edition’s special report provides a broad overview of forest harvesting operations in Brazil and in other countries with developed forestry activities, such as Germany and Finland. The article also highlights some of the main trends for the future of forest harvesting, such as mechanized operations in steeper areas, the possibility of a fully automated harvest and the increasing importance of the principles of the ESG agenda in the planning of such operations. This edition also features articles on the impact of high fuel prices on forestry operations, as well as the main technological innovations in the new line of Waratah harvest heads and more content such as an analysis of the role of Pinus elliottii in Brazil.
And our special guest is Caio Zanardo, a professional with extensive background in the forestry sector who was recently appointed CEO of Veracel. In conversation with our team, Caio highlighted some of the main points of the company’s new sustainability report, as well as the biggest challenges he faces at the head of Veracel –– and how he is already prepared to face them. Don’t miss it!

Ricardo Malinovski
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