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Issue 61 | November

Publicado em 6 de July de 2019

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

November begins and the year of 2019 is closer and closer to the end. With the arrival of a new year, we will leave behind a long cycle that began in 2010 and enter a new decade, which could be quite promising for the Brazilian forestry sector and timber industry. In a world increasingly focused on sustainable development, the demand for timber and forestry products tends to grow. With focus and cooperation, the Brazilian forestry sector will be ready for the future.
This issue’s special articles are varied and discuss our sector from several angles. The first is about how forest investment funds are managed, with the specific financial challenges of this market with its own specific dynamics. The second analyses the challenges of silviculture in steep slopes and irregular terrain and how forest producers can try to overcome them. Last, we also have articles on the new forwarder solutions of a major manufacturer and the final analysis of IUFRO 2019, the world’s largest scientific forestry congress, held in Curitiba, Brazil.
And our special guest this November is Celso Foelkel, a professional with decades worth of experience in different areas of forestry, focused on spreading highly valuable and useful technical knowledge in the forestry sector, and responsible for publications such as the Eucalyptus Newsletter and PinusLetter, and much more. Turn the pages for the full interview.

Ricardo Malinovski
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