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Issue 48 | September

Publicado em 26 de February de 2018

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Only a few weeks away from the presidential elections, Brazil finds itself in a disheartening – even despairing – state by many. Aside from the dollar and the euro, political instability with few precedents in our recent history, and polarizing public opinion, all of that contributes to the image many have of a country in crysis. However, as usual, it is in the times of widest national turbulence that the Brazilian forestry sector shows its resilience and strength, choos-ing to look not at the chaotic state of the country in the present, but for the brilliant future that is still in our reach.
The B.Forest magazine, as usual, keeps up its coverage of the forestry market in its year anniversary. The special articles se-lected for this issue deal with themes that showcase the diversity of our sector: the opportunities in trainee programs in major forestry companies; new technologies for measuring timber in piles in the forest; and perspectives for genetic enhancement in eucalypts, from the market’s point of view as well as the academy’s. Moreover, we present the new products launched by Ponsse at FinnMETKO, which should seize their market share soon.
Complementing this article, our special guest this month is Fernando Campos, the Ponsse director in Brazil, who talked to our staff about the Ponsse spirit and the challenges of overseeing a company with strategic values in these troubled times in Brazil. Don’t miss it!

Rafael Malinovski
Business director of Malinovski
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