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Issue 55 | May

Publicado em 8 de February de 2019

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Every year, technological advancements alter market dynamics, both domestically as well as internationally. For every professional seeking success in the globalized world, it is important to understand the role of communication tools and how technology affects the global market.
Those changes are the focus of our two main articles in this 55th issue of our magazine. The first is about perspectives for Brazilian timber in 2019 and the coming years in light of the constant fluctuations in the global market dynamics, added to changes in the Brazilian economy itself. The second is an analysis of the role of social media and communication tools in the Brazilian forestry sector, and brings important tips for those wishing to boost the reach of their company on the Internet.
You’ll also find in this issue the complete coverage of the HDOM Summit, which brought together some of the most important forestry managers, directors and specialists in Brazil to discuss relevant themes for the sector, and don’t miss our article on intelligent solutions for leaf-cutter ant control.
And our special guest is Adriana Maugeri, president of the Minas Gerais Silviculture Association (AMIF), who talked to us about the role of associations in forestry and the current scenario of forestry in the state of Minas Gerais.

Rafael Malinovski
Business director of Malinovski
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