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Issue 66 | May

Publicado em 20 de July de 2020

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

As the fight against Covid-19 moves forward in Brazil, forestry companies continue to play an absolutely vital role in society, keeping the population properly supplied with essential products. Forestry companies have already invested BRL 114 million in efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic – and the sector’s actions won’t stop there.
That said, the activities of the cultivated forest industry go way beyond the economic challenges caused by external crises. This month, B.Forest brings you special articles focused on different areas of our sector. The first is about the wide range of technologies available for timber transportation, making such operations safer, smarter and more precise. The second is about the timber preservation industry, its market and technological status and what to expect for the future of this segment. Last, our monthly columns and News sessions bring other important updates on Brazilian and global forestry.
For our main interview this month we’ve invited not only one, but three very special guests. José Ricardo Ferraz (Duratex’s director of timber operations), Caio Zanardo (South region forestry director at Suzano) e Edimar de Melo Cardoso (operations director at Aperam Bioenergia) participated in the very productive Malinovski Talks livestreams. We’ve highlighted the best moments just for you. Don’t miss it!

Ricardo Malinovski
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