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Edição 70 | September

Publicado em 30 de February de 2020

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

As we move forward in this turbulent year of 2020, the “new normal” seems to be establishing itself in all spheres of society. It is undeniable that seismic changes have been taking place in all industries, but it’s also possible to see the immense adaptability of the human species and globalized markets to the most radical changes and unpredictability.
This means that, just like in nature, those who are better at adapting to the new conditions will survive and prosper. Fortunately, the forestry sector, as a segment of countless different facets and stakeholders, has already demonstrated this adaptability that is so crucial in times like these. And we at B.Forest are also included in this process, always seeking to improve our approach to bring the best content to you, our reader.
This month, we have three special reports. The first discusses the use of image banks and satellites in the forestry sector and the main trends for the future of these tools in Brazilian forestry operations. The second article, on the other hand, addresses the management of spare parts, as well as the main challenges involved in equating the demand for parts with the ideal availability in stock, with the help of intelligent data management tools. Finally, we also have an article about a complete solution package for high-efficiency timber harvesting in Brazil.
“In our Interview section, our guest this month is Juliano Vieira de Araujo, new president of the Brazilian Association of Mechanically Processed Wood Industries (Abimci). Araujo discusses expectations for the national and foreign markets in the current global scenario. Don’t miss it!

Ricardo Malinovski
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