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Edition 76 | May/June

Publicado em 28 de April de 2021

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Once again, our sector continues to demonstrate a level of resilience worthy of the forests we produce and care for throughout the country. Even in an adverse situation, several important moves have brought changes to the forestry industry, such as the increase in the consumption of goods derived from forests and the advancement of the ESG agenda in diverse areas of the economy.
Seeking to discuss this consolidation of a more sustainable mentality, B.Forest Magazine has some very special content this month. The first main article in this edition discusses forest productivity in Brazil and the prospects for its maintenance or even development in the future, with the participation of several companies from the sector.
In turn, the second article discusses the importance of safety in forestry and harvesting operations and how this issue is related to the Social aspect of the ESG agenda. We also have content aimed at the control of leaf-cutting ants and solutions from one of the largest manufacturers of purpose-built equipment in the sector.
And our special interviewee for this issue is Ricardo Carvalho de Moura, director of Plantar, one of the oldest forest service providers in Brazil. In our chat, Ricardo talks about the new reality of the forest sector, the carbon credit market and the consolidation of sustainability. Don’t miss it!

Ricardo Malinovski
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