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Issue 68 | July

Publicado em 24 de February de 2020

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

In scenarios of crisis and constant changes, in which the reality of today is not necessarily the reality of tomorrow, managing time itself becomes a challenge. After all, it may seem that we have barely started this challenging year of 2020, but we are already entering its second half, months that will certainly be very different from those that came before. Anticipating these new challenges is not an easy task, but they can be tackled with intelligent planning and a focus on what the industry does best.
This month, we’ve brought four main guests to discuss these and other issues related to various links in the forest production chain: Moacyr Fantini (forestry director at Veracel); José Maria de Arruda Mendes Filho (managing partner of Lacan Florestal); Gilson Geronasso (vice-president of Remasa); and Erich Schaitza (chief director of Embrapa Florestas).
Additionally, this month’s issue of B.Forest contains two special articles. The first discusses the main challenges for importing and financing forest machinery and equipment in Brazil today, as well as the best paths for these processes. The second article, on the other hand, concerns the planning and optimization of the layout of forest roads, with a full, detailed case study on the topic. Don’t miss it!

Ricardo Malinovski
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