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Issue 51 | December

Publicado em 20 de February de 2018

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Dear friends and B.Forest readers,

Despite the instability that national elections and other social and economic developments brought the Brazilian indus-try in 2018, the forestry sector remains a significant and resilient force, playing a key role in the development of our economy before the rest of the world. And the results achieved thus far seem to further prove its success: according to the last econom-ic report by the Brazilian Tree Industry (IBÁ), the national forestry sector’s exports reached USD 8.8 billion from January to October, a 26% increase for this timeframe.
Our special guest this issue was se-lected precisely due to his experience and vision of the global market: Marco Tuoto, CEO of Tree Wood Products, talked to our reporter about investment funds, factory expansions in Brazil and his expectations for the coming year.
Don’t miss the interview and the other special articles contained in this issue, which deal with many topics ranging from spatial arrangements for forest stands, the benefits and cons of slow release fertiliza-tion, and recent announcements of new investments that may drive growth in the Brazilian industry – especially forestry – in the coming years.

Rafael Malinovski
Business director of Malinovski
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